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Conquer the Holiday Baking Hustle Friday, October 26, 2018


 As the holidays approach, many home chefs often have a higher amount of cooking and baking to do. This increased load can be difficult to manage and dampen some of the holiday fun.

The original Bosch mixer was created to make home cooking easier, and our current line of Bosch mixers maintain that proud legacy. So, if you need some extra help in the kitchen, there are two Bosch attachments that can assist you in creating culinary magic.

Bosch Cookie Paddle Makes Turning Out Cookies A Breeze

From Halloween onward, there seems to be plenty of occasions that call for a batch of fresh cookies. To help you quickly work through batch after batch of cookies, you can use the Bosch cookie paddle attachment.

With this attachment on your stand mixer, you can turn out hundreds of cookies in no time flat. The broad sides of the cookie paddles help gently fold all your ingredients together and ensure no odd patches of flour are left.

To protect your cookie paddle attachment, make sure any butter the cookie recipe calls for is softened before adding it to your Bosch mixer. Chilled butter may cause the cookie paddle to snap if the paddle becomes stuck on the butter, as the drive motor on a Bosch mixer is so strong. However, all Bosch cookie paddles come with a 30-day, no-questions-asked return policy, and we will send you a new attachment.

Watch the video below to see just how many cookies you can make at one time in your Bosch stand mixer. 

Fill Your Home With Delicious Bread With The Bosch Dough Hook

Whether you are mixing up a batch of rolls for a holiday dinner or creating a delicious dessert bread as a gift, the Bosch dough hook attachment can make your work easier.

Other stand mixer dough hooks are designed to just be a curved hook. This kind of dough hook can leave clumps of dry ingredients, and the remaining bread dough quickly wraps around the hook without properly mixing.

In contrast, the Bosch dough hook attachment has two curving hooks to grab all your ingredients and ensure they are well incorporated, in addition to a flat bowl-scraping prong that will catch everything else. Some home bakers have found that the effectiveness of the Bosch dough hook allows them to cut down on their bread proofing time.

 If you have a Bosch Universal Plus mixer and would like to conquer this holiday baking season, be sure to utilize the cookie paddle and dough hook attachments as you prepare for various events and festivities.

Also, if you are looking for tasty bread and cookie recipes to try with your Bosch mixer, you should definitely check out our recipes before you start your holiday baking.

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